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Look spiffy clean and charming with Frank and Beanz™ Spiffany and Co. elegant and classy Dog Dress. Iconic Tiffany light turquoise blue yarn along with linen white ruffles, two twinkling heart buttons and an elite crisp white satin bow. Super adorable and high-class dress for special occasions.

Frank and Beanz™ Dog Fashion takes pride and detail to all of our dog clothing. Spiffany and Co. Classy Dog Dress is:

Made with 100% acrylic yarn. Tiffany Turquoise Blue and linen white
Each are skillfully handmade with crochet technique
Made to order. Please allow up to 3 days for the creation process (Or less)
Stretchable, very warm and comfortable for your dog to move around in
White satin crisp bow
Two sparkle heart buttons
Made in the USA

SIZE CHART (UNSTRETCHED) Note: All our crochet apparel are hand-made and may vary in size from .5 to inch .75 give or take.

Length - 8.5 inches / 23.495 cm
Chest circumference - 12.5 inches / 29.21 cm
Neck circumference - 10.5 inches / 20 cm

Length - 9.25 inches / 23.495 cm
Chest circumference - 14 inches / 33.02 cm
Neck circumference - 12 inches / 20 cm

Length - 10.75 inches / 27.305 cm
Chest circumference - 16 inches / 35.56 cm
Neck circumference - 14 inches / 33.02 cm

Length - 11.25 inches / 28.575 cm
Chest circumference - 17 inches /43.18 cm
Neck circumference - 15 inches / 12.7 cm

Length - 13 inches / 33.025 cm
Chest circumference - 19 inches /48.26 cm
Neck circumference - 16.5 inches / 41.91 cm

Custom Size/Custom Design
Can't find your size? Want to change up the color? We are happy to accept custom orders with the measurements of your dog or a swatch sample of color. Just contact us. Special custom sizing may go up in price.

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