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“It started way back, in history…”

I was an asthmatic kid, so mom wouldn't let me have any animals. When I was getting off the school bus, a stray dog came up to me and we bonded instantly like Lavern & Shirley. A week straight the dog waited on the porch for me to get out of school. Mom nagged about my asthma and shunned the dog away, but I didn't care. The dog was more important to me than breathing. I knew right then I wanted to do something with animals, Sure enough animals became a huge part of my life.

A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design at The University of Memphis. I moved to Las Vegas soon afterward, and finally got my very own dogs. I named them Franchesca and Beanzie from the the HBO tv show series, The Sopranos. During winter months, they would pee and poop in the house and dreaded going outside. I bought them matching jackets and sure enough, that seemed to do the trick. With a love for art and dogs, I decided to design my own dog clothes. And in 2007 I opened my very own dog fashion line and named it after my dogs, Frank and Beanz

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